(Fear of Reflections)

I was supposed to be sleeping. My parents had sent me to bed about fifteen minutes ago, but I was up under the covers texting my friend. It was late for me to be up, I forget what time it was, around 11:30 ish. Every so often I would look up at my window to see the reflection of the hallway outside my bedroom and check if my parents where outside my room. At about the second time I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye as I looked away. I shook it off, it was dark and it wasn’t uncommon to see things not actually there. I looked up at the window for about the sixth time, that’s when I saw IT. In the window was a large head with large black eyes, staring right at me. It just looked at me, and then I got a text. By instinct I looked down for a second, but when I looked up, it was gone. Could my mind really have made that up? I sat up in my bed and waited for what seemed like minutes. I heard the door open downstairs; I thought it was probably my parents because the alarm didn’t go off. Then, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, but I didn’t see anything. Afraid it might be one of my parents I laid down facing my aquarium. In the reflection of the tank I saw it again, somehow at the top of the stairs even though I had watched and noting had come up the stairs. It was right there at the top of the stairs, right outside my bedroom. It was on all fours, its head seemed to be the wrong way, its eyes where black, so black it seemed as if it didn’t have eyes. It had long arms and legs and long nails. On one of its arms I could see a word scratched in, but I couldn’t read what it said, it was backwards, it had scratches all over its arms it looked as if it had been mauled by an animal. I threw the covers over my face. I peeked into the hallway but nothing was there. I texted my friend that I had to go and turned off my phone. As I went to go plug it in I saw the reflection off the blackened screen. Their atop the headrest of my bed. I quickly went under my blanket. I could see out of a hole that it was right above me; I could hear its raspy breathing. I mustered up the courage telling myself I was seeing things and lowered the blanket, when I did their it was right above me, staring into my eyes with its large dark empty ones. And somewhere, deep into them, I’m sure I could see myself reflected.

My friend died in the hospital the morning after that night. He sent one text before the incident, all it said was “ I have to go.” I thought nothing of it; maybe his parents caught him staying up. He wrote that in a notebook in the hospital, he gave it to me minutes before he died. He was found in his bedroom mauled, scratched up, no one knows by what but me. On his arm the letters and word backwards as if in a mirror was scratched spectrophobia, the fear of reflections. I see it now, only in reflections, all the glass, blank screens, and mirrors, sometimes for a split second I see him through a window. This morning while brushing my teeth I saw it peering from behind the shower curtain in the mirror, but when I turned around nothing was their. It’s after me. What might happen to me tonight I don’t know, but after reading this when you shut off your phone or computer, check, that in the dark reflection of the screen, hopefully that somewhere in the corner of the reflection, he isn’t watching.

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